Language Workouts


How to use this tool

  1. Pick a topic, how many sentences you want to drill, and how fast you want to practice speaking (this is how long you'll have to say each sentence out loud).
  2. Start your workout — follow the prompts on the screen and speak out loud!
  3. Review your workout. Listen to yourself and compare your pronunciation with the native audio.
  4. Practice, practice, practice. The best way to improve is to do more reps. We recommend at least 50 reps per day. Have fun!

Design your workout

What is a language workout?

Spoken fluency = Knowledge + Muscle memory

Speaking a foreign language fluently requires 1) knowledge — the vocabulary and grammar to form sentences — and 2) muscle memory — the connection between your brain and mouth that allows you to say the strange new sounds of a foreign language out loud, with good pronunciation and at conversational speed. Most people don't spend enough time building muscle memory, and that's why we built Language workouts.

How to improve muscle memory? Reps — repeatedly saying similar sentences out loud until the words roll off the tongue. A Language Workout is like a physical workout; you practice doing similar motions over and over again to build muscle memory. Instead of moving weights up and down or shooting free throws, you will say sentences out loud to strengthen the mind-mouth connection. It might take you dozens or even hundreds of attempts before you can say a given sentence fluently. That's normal! Developing muscle memory isn't easy, and it will take time before your mouth can form the sounds of a new language at native-speed. We've curated over 10,000 sentences, organized by topic and sentence structure, that you can choose from to practice.


Created by Akshay Swaminathan. Check out and visit the YouTube channel.

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